The worst performing sector this year has been the financials followed by consumer products. Now the question is should, should the economy turnaround next year or in the next few years, and should NPL’s and provisions not be as severe as some may imagine, would they be a decent buy @ the levels?

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  1. Thanks again for your insights. Small gossip for you. I am an investor in solar power through DEMCO, GUNKUL and SPCG and so logically I enquired about purchasing roof mounted solar panels to sell generated electricity to the national grid. Home Pro in Chiang Mai told me the quota had been taken completely by a solar farm in Lampang and there was nothing for me except to move to the South !

    Quota why?

    • I don’t have the link on me, but the PEA manages electricity by provinces and not from one central source hence why there are quotas per region.

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