And so yesterday we learnt that the lockdowns are continued, surprise surprise.

Now 2Q21 earnings season is finished! Though there are a million calls/videos coming up for all the investors in the markets to pay attention to … hence why there have been minimal random thoughts from me. I’ll be back on it, there’s plenty to vent and laugh about.

As for the market, I’m off by a month on the case numbers dropping, let’s see if I’m right that by the end of the month we’ll see a rapid drop off in figures (like India did).

Looking forward, it’s fairly straightforward to say that 3Q is a write off for any business that doesn’t primarily benefit from online sales, and now the question is how much of this is priced in?

Politics – it’s kicking off, here are two photos, one from 2010 one from the weekend. I still hold to to the viewpoint that the protestors initially begun with the wrong strategy, by including the monarchy they lost -80% of the potential # of bodies on the street.

    • Thank you.
      Do note that we don’t have enough data re ivermectin to have a decent analysis from memory I saw that they used it in 1-2 states only. Not country-wide. Though happy to be proven wrong.

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