And so all 3Q #’s are out, guesstimate is that they are -19% YoY for the market.

What’s left for this week? Well its politics fun time! On the 20th November the country will learn whether or not FFP will be disbanded as a political party. My thoughts? This would be positive for the markets … why? The Government can push through all of its budget plans without any opposition. Naturally I hold to the viewpoint that it would be incredibly negative for the mid-long term outlook of the country should the above occur…

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    @18 % down YoY – but still 1 % up QoQ:

    – it was already clear in the 2nd quarter 2019 that this year would not be good, so no surprises here

    – at least 3Q19 was generally not worse than 2Q19

    – and not to forget that a few big players really brought the overall results down quite a bit – for example THAI or some refineries/oil companies. i had browsed through the 3Q19 results of quite a lot of companies but it did look to me like 3Q19 was generally even a little bit better than 2Q19 for many companies.

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