What a day!

The government decided to do some tests over the weekend and discovered that the WuFlu is still in Thailand. So the market promptly dropped -5%.

The next few days are going to be interesting for the social mood/market mood. There is a thinking that the whole country will do a lockdown (I assign a small probability to this) for new years. My thoughts are, expect to see some rather large case confirmations over the coming few days and then it coming off, why? Remember Thailand officially tested 1.8% of the population (note the US did 70%), this is why the official #’s are low here. It’s not because the military has done a good job, its because they are a bunch of incompetent corrupt donkeys. As are the rest of the cocaine sniffing, chicken-raising on state land idiots. But who are you to question this wonderful group?

So unleash the same playbook as from what we saw the last time news like this hit.

  1. Thanks for the state of the nation post, Pon; and for the clearheaded commentary all year. Was planning on day trading KEX, so cashed in 80% stocks in the past weeks. Now it seems a better bet to buy them back at cheaper prices and forget about a company that wants to float on my wife’s Christmas day (Denmark). stay safe, y’all.

    • @KEX – BTS Chairman came out saying “you all know its going to be added to the SET50/SET100 next year”. Best way to prime a stock where the local institutions don’t have any shares and have to chase it.

      Thought Sinterklass would be the main holiday for children in Denmark…as it is in Belgium…

      Well xmas is a commercial holiday here, don’t see people celebrating jesus, though we’re off as of 23rd night. I hope…

  2. peter satrapa-binder

    – @ WuFlu:
    I think it always had been on thailand to some degree. and if the 1 thai persons would not have gotten sick, i guess the outbreak in samut songkrahn would maybe never – or much later – been discovered, with 90 % of tested people being asymptomatic and migrant workers not likely to go to the hospital with less than severe symptoms…

    – @shutdown:
    if there would be a new year’s shutdown in bangkok and other major provinces – and well, let’s see the next few days for that – it will be VERY costly… samut songkrahn is relatively small fry, except for seafood.

    • Spoke with a government medical person over the weekend. Their numbers are correct, but they do only test those when sick/hospitalised.

      Today the gov group in charge of this said they’ll track the #’s over the coming days and then provide recommendations as to what local authorities have to do.

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