Banks came out and they’re enjoyinggg the higher interest whilst paying us depositors peanuts. Now Thailand is one of the worst performing markets this year, and that’s, in my opinion, purely due to DELTA holding up the market too high in 2022 and is now coming off.

It’s 3 weeks until election, so much for my thoughts on a pre-election market rally…I do wonder how this is going to turn out. Can Pheu Thai actually have an impact and win enough seats to not need to partner with Prayut, Prawit and Anutin? They’ve just come out in the news stating that they would not consider partnering with P&P, are they worried that they wouldn’t have won enough seats without mentioning this? I have a very binary outlook for Thailand, if PT wins in landslide, it’s guns blazing and we’ll see the economy begin to soar, if they don’t, Thailand is Malaysia 2.0, which is a $hit outlook.

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