This week we have a couple of things to look too, a new government which in turn should lead to decisions on the martial law, energy plan, and whatever else they may think of. The SET has done very well this year, up 20% YTD (still +9,7% over 12 months), should there continue to be positive news in regards to government spending and budget plans, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the market continue to rally..although there is still that nagging question of valuations in the back of my head.


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  1. With the SET where it is now. I have a interesting situation. I family problem caused me to sale out. So I’m, establishing a new account. So for me those valuations are pretty scary.

    I’m really thinking about building cash, pulling Buffet and wait for the right buy on a good company. That might be a very long wait these days.

    Gold seems to be down so might be time accumulate a bit of that, for the hard time that are bound o come, they always do. With things as they are now, I think we have two years of the Market doing OK

    Just thinking out loud


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