And its round 4 of trading COVID incompetence in Amazing Thailand. There’s no point being angry with them, accept it and move capital accordingly.

The supply chain disruption story is still in full effect, look at container rates, shipping rates, commodity price movements. To those wondering…I place a high probability to oil being 100+ over the next 6 months. Though I want someone to help me understand why PTTEP doesn’t move +20-40% despite Brent spot prices (and future prices) being far higher.

I can’t imagine bad debts not being much higher. I see more and more shops up for rent/sale, rough estimate ~50% around the 3 S’s and outer Bangkok.

Is there a benefit upcountry with the population returning to their provinces? Will the unbanked become banked via the non-bank financials (hattip to ML) and be sustainable? Or when business returns will we see migration back to the commercial centers? I hope that the government utilises a portion of their brain and funds development in the provinces to make them more robust.

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