Over the last 12 months, everyone made a killing. I’ve been thinking more about the next 12-18 months and wondering

1) Rates move = banks earnings coming back therefore ROE improvement despite the dead economy

2) The bigger get bigger (ranted on this enough times)

3) Commodities on a multi-year uptrend cycle (does this then lead to a military conflict some time? Maybe in 3-5 years? When a population goes hungry, $hit hits the fan)

4) Who is going to win the cannabis game in Thailand? (so many players, we have our list, go get it done yourselves, I’m not posting it until we’ve made our profits)

5) Thai Politics – Prawit is one slip away from being replaced (a physical slip not verbal one :p)

6) More regionalised manufacturing therefore leading to less shipping/transportation of goods throughout the world.

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