The market has pulled back from its peak earlier in the month.

So now what?

Still of the viewpoint that we’ll see certain sectors outperform others and that those are global/cyclical players…anything related to aspirational spending is probably dead for a while..or perhaps I don’t understand why people overspend.

Also note…US Fed is still reducing their b/s for the coming weeks => -ve for capital markets.


In 6 months from now will things be normal? I’d vote that its a yes, restaurants are full here now, granted not all of them, but the foot traffic has returned.

Sports venues that I frequent are full, shopping malls have decent foot traffic.

Question is, what’s the spending power to drive the #’s?

A further question is, can this slow bumbling incompetent (note I think they are rather competent for their own self-interests) set of donkeys in the Thai government actually push through something of substance?

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