Same story, if you’re not in the industrials/resources sectors you’re struggling in this market, and I think its time to shift our eyes to the currency markets again. USD seems to be on a mini upward roll.

  1. Early days, but the “uptick” in the dollar may be the beginning of a one-way street, USDTHB. (Which is why export numbers have been so hard to swallow….) Foreign reserves are beyond abundant, BOT have fought the last war (’97) with valour. If only there were accurate nos. on bank NPL’s–and loan shark levels on the same chart…. We can only assume accurate data covered by Section 44.

    • Globally there are historically high short positions on USD, historically high long positions on oil, historically high long positions in bonds. Fun times.

      Loan shark figures aren’t given…just use SINGER, MTC, SAWAD as a proxy for this.

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