You can go to which is run by the University of Oxford and does a great job of compiling global data from emissions, battery prices and covid’19 statistics (tests, cases, deaths, vaccine etc..)

For Thailand the data is as follows:

Left axis: # of tests (blue line)

Right axis: # of cases (orange line)

You can run all the statistical analysis you want regressions, correlations, it’s quite straightforward at the moment to see a rolling case/test ratio since the data set begun until 12th June 2021. And just ask some basic questions, such as….why the increase in testing pre-New years….why the increase in testing pre-Krystal…why the…why the…? etc etc

As for the Thai experts:

He lied: “Respected virologist Yong Poovorawan on Friday rejected accusations that limited testing capacity is responsible for the low daily Covid-19 infection rates being reported.”


And if you just do some good old fashioned online searching (since when was searching online old fashioned…) you’ll find more of the above.

Ok so what?

  • When testing #’s decline you’ll see a decrease in case #’s, and the country’s respective market increases, it’s now a market indicator, and it’s been working for the past few “outbreaks” throughout the region. Need the evidence? Just put in a std deviation in cases vs market movement, you’ll find a correlation.

    typical of these institutions blurring the lines here. 1st it is against the law to mandate and experimental drug. There is no FDA approval.
    2nd it is morally and ethical bankrupt to associate old vaccines with mRNA drugs. They are totally different as the latter is engineered and takes 24 months of testing to get approval. The media is totally irresponsible in not telling the population all the facts. Go to VAERS to see some shocking numbers on adverse effects. Giving it to children is irresponsible as the numbers aren’t in to prove it works. In fact no drug company states it stops the virus. It only lowers symptoms and does not stop transmission. FACTS.

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