AAV launches Bt299 limited promo campaign for Suvarnabhumi-Phuket, and Bt599 for Donmuang-Phuket.

Comment: Ok great if you have the fortune cookie vaccine done, otherwise just the idea of having to take a dodgy test on arrival and risk being put into a 14 day lockup isn’t worth it. The other beaches are going to do better.

AKR mulls bidding for transformer supplier contracts for Provincial Electricity authority (PEA)& Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA) total Bt3b in 2H, taps in EEC area to capture industrial estate infra expansion, maintaining 10% FY21 revenue growth target.

Comment: They are just waiting for PEA and MEA projects, nothing special here, no recurring income, revenues are driven by the government. Although I can see a story for electrification of the country in the future driving names like this.

CSS sees no impact from Covid, expects to win additional network projects from state-owned, National Telecom (NT), 5G expansion projects from mobile operators, full year contribution from 100mw Vietnam solar and 5mw hydro power in Laos, firms on 20% FY21 revenue growth target.

KBANK upbeats FA revenue, expects to close 2-3 M&A deals in 2H, sees more takeover both domestic & overseas as Covid crippled hotel operators.

SFT cod shrink films & sleeve labels production line, up capacity by additional 30m sqm p.a., maintaining 15-20% revenue growth target.

STPI sets up a new subsidiary to start hemp related business. STPI is found by Charnvirakul family, but now being managed by a trust under KKP, to avoid conflict of interest since Anutin Charvirakul is a Public Health Minister.

Comment: Privately they would prefer to have nothing to do with Anutin. They aren’t as close as the news suggests.

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