I’m catching up on brain dumps of the past 3 months I’ve found in my Evernote….

This news headline was back at the beginning of March 2024

MOPH Prepares to Amend Surrogacy Law for Foreigner and LGBTQ+

Thailand’s Ministry of Public Health is set to amend surrogacy laws to include foreign couples, Thai women over 55, and legally married same-sex couples, expanding access to surrogacy services.

The amendments will relax egg donor qualifications and remove the age cap for prospective mothers, alongside introducing measures to prevent human trafficking, aiming for a more inclusive and safe surrogacy landscape.

Following the Cabinet’s approval of equal marriage amendments, same-sex couples will gain the right to marry under the Civil and Commercial Code, allowing them to utilize surrogacy services with equal rights and responsibilities as heterosexual couples.

The opening of surrogacy services to a broader demographic is anticipated to stimulate significant demand, particularly from foreign nationals, positioning Thailand as a pioneering country in surrogacy law and boosting the health economy.

First name that comes to my mind is SAFE, a player in this field with over 50% of its clientele being foreign patients. It’s a new IPO, well-covered/brokered since it went plc…

Then in my mind, I went back to MASTER, a plastic surgery clinic play…

Medical tourism has always been the story for Thailand.

Has this morphed to SAFE & MASTER?

And what’s this 5G nonsense? A few years ago I called Thailand the 3Gs’, Girls Ganja and Gambling were going to be the key drivers for the country. It’s proven to be the case. I’ve upgraded Thailand to 5Gs, Gay Golf Girls Ganja Gambling. There is no other coutry in ASIA that is as open to the gay community like Thailand has been for the past 2.5 decades.

Perhaps the way to look at Thailand is that it is one of the few countries that you may practically do whatever you want.

Perhaps this is why IVFs and Plastic surgery can blossom here. You want to choose/change your sex or your future offsprings sex? Go for it. You want to change something on your face/genes? Go for it. Thailand is great at finding a way to make money off hot vanity trend humans jump into.

*Go to the about/disclaimer section -nothing written is investment advice, put your cash under your bed

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