SET Index vs VN Index (absolute)

I’ve been hearing jokes about when will the VN Index “number” will beat the SET “number” ramp up in the past few months. Well the Vietnam index data starts in 2001 and you can see that it’s not going to be the first time that Vietnam’s index “number” will overtake the SET Index “number”

It happen in 2001, 2006 -I do not remember 2001, but in 2006 my then boss was saying that market value of an insurance company in Vietnam (a sub of a global brand…name eludes me at the moment) was larger than its parent’s market cap. A bubble – and it properly blew up.

I’m on record saying that from 2Q24 that I think the SET Index will beat the VN index for the rest of the year…let’s see how this plays out.

SET Index vs VN Index (rebased)

Now back to some charts…index numbers aside, let’s rebase it….there you go amazing Thailand, Vietnam has bent you over the table and spanked you. Now let’s get back to markets…

Side Note: Fairly certain that if you were to include dividends & reinvestments that Thailand would beat Vietnam by a significant margin – this is due to the corporate culture being different i.e more family owned companies in Thailand vs SOE’s in Vietnam.

    • function of time period.. 2014-2021 vietnam kicked thailand’s butt – predominately in 2 years 2017 and 2021 and the news/research being pro communist countries.

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