Over the past 2 weeks we’ve attended numerous AGM’s and EGM’s and what I don’t quite understand is why some investors have to stand up and complain like whiny children about a company’s performance.100840486-Investor stressed out.600x400

If you don’t like a company/a stock, just sell it, that’s the beauty of investing its a real time beauty contest. But to stand up and complain about why a stock price is down well thats just silly, in the end the decision is up to the investor, when you buy a stock, than means someone sold it to you. Deal with it.

I don’t buy Thai Airways why? b/c I think its a POS, and I’d rather not waste my $ nor my clients in a company that isn’t performing nor go to the AGM and complain that the stock price isn’t up.

If you don’t like it just sell, dump it, get rid of it, accept it’s your own fault for buying it.

 Image Source: CNBC

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