I think, like most of my colleagues and friends, that we are tired of discussing politics.

On Monday we have 7 main intersections being shut down, in the end there still isn’t a clear solution in sight, we have a government that has been fairly quiet during the protests, keeping the potential for violence to a minimum which can also be seen as a way of ensuring the military doesn’t have an excuse for a coup. In reality the Government doesn’t have to step down, legally they are elected, and most likely if there was another election, will be elected yet again.

So Suthep et al have to resort to this method in order to somehow regain significance and power. A funny thing, we believe, is that he’s harming Bangkok, one of the democrats major support bases with this shutdown, another funny thing is people are giving him cash…ok…he’s also well-known to be incredibly corrupt, and we’ve had to deal with him in the past, and..no comment.

I’m not saying that Thaksin is that much better when it comes to corruption. But I would prefer that the law is followed. ¬†Normally we see a typically Thai compromise, however here I can’t just yet, the military is quiet, Thaksin and Suthep are both incredibly stubborn and the other pillar of Thailand is…no comment…

What is far more interesting are the legal cases that are pending, as the King had stated in his past birthday speeches, it is up the courts of Thailand to uphold the law, and this to me is by far the most important element within this whole saga.

Lets see what happens next week.

  1. Hello Pon

    Totally agree with your comments.

    I have only discovered your blog a few months ago, but have been reading your comments now on a daily basis and hardly miss any of your posts, which are excellent, well written, insightful and to the point.

    I might even have a few suggestions for future of this blog if you are interested hearing them, please let me know.

    Best regards,

  2. It is unfortunate to see this happening in a country which has a great deal of potential and has been doing relatively well compared to its surrounding neighbours. However for the savvy investor, crisis brings opportunity.

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