8 days of migranes & 5 bed ridden days, sleeping 12-15 hours/day and now I can semi open my right eye and stare at a laptop again for more than 5 mins w/o screaming pain. I kicked covid 2x in 3 days, but this shingles is next level. I’m still likely quaratined in a seperate room from my family for the next 3-5 days. I will say that I rarely have been sick over the past 8 years because I’m a health nut (though I am still Belgian and therefore will eat chocolate on a daily basis), it’s a bit of a wake up call that as I’m nearing my mid-40s I can’t work like a machine, be present w/ the family and raise a kid, and do silly amounts of sports on little sleep. So let this be a warning to you, just sleep well, it’ll solve 50% your problems, eat good food it’ll solve the other 40%, and then enjoy life, it absolute sucks to be in bed for a silly old man virus.

The one upside – when I look into the mirror I see the inspiration David Lynch must’ve had for the Elephant Man

Unherd: Kill the Bastard

This is a fascinating interview on the Russia/Ukraine/US situation. Just imagine what happens should a negotiation occur?

No one is pricing in this upside.

And I miss the honesty of a conversation where someone can just say “Kill the bastard”

UOB Vietnam Fund

This was sent to me by a clever chappie in Vietnam and well, if that’s what raises AUM today, someone get me video camera, with a young lady and…no wait. That already sounds rather inappropriate.

Ananda Property Development

Well it looks like the Ashton Asoke project issue isn’t resolved as the management and the board had informed shareholders pre-covid.

If I were a shareholder/unit holder in the project, it would be time for a class action act lawsuit against the board. Why? It goes without saying that ANAN lied on the project development. Delivered an unfinished property to its customers, and lied to it’s shareholders. Yes I’m sure they’ll legally hide behind something, but based upon the spirit of the law they are guilty as f. I’ve been sent enough articles that apparently they could just overpay for another piece of land nearby to fix this issue, at the end day they’ll weigh up the risk/rewards, but the Ananda brandname, to me, is dead in the water.

The CEO spent too much time smoking weed, dreaming about lofty projects in mountain tops and blah blah blah without focusing on the core business, they flew too close to the sun and fell apart. Done.

Thai politics

I’m not fully caught up on all the details, but it looks like Thai politics is its usual Day-time drama and that Thaksin is being his usual selfish self focusing on short-term solutions.

For a better understanding, just read Dr. Thitinan’s latest piece.

“…the established centres of power in this country have no qualms supervising and calling the ultimate shots in Thai politics by all means at their disposal, from street demonstrations and military coups to judicial interventions, resulting in the dismantlement and disenfranchisement of major political parties and millions of voters over the past two decades. If they do so again, the international community should not be fooled. If the MFP is brought down, Thai autocracy should be called out for what it is.

So yes, no WHTW: Top nor Stocks in VN – no time to catch up it all within the few mins that I can bare to look at a computer screen. Hopefully in the coming days it improves.

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    NMN NAC K2 D3 , TMG Notable energy and mood uptick too

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