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Other than twitter I don’t really bother with any social media platform, but I’ve heard from several friends doing retail in Indonesia and Thailand that they’re focusing more and more on TikTok for fast selling consumer items. So what? Pay attention to the impact on Shopee and the physical retailers in Thailand i.e. MBK and CPN.



NUSA continues to be their cheeky selves and despite the issues regarding the shares are now planning to do a share swap. What kind of fuckery is going on here?

It’s already proven in court that KPN screwed over the original shareholder.



Cheeky hat on – the current major shareholder of WEH needs to bring this to a plc so that he can dump shares to avoid having to raise cash selling personal assets. Let’s see how far NUSA drops.

Ray Dalio


I’m a macro tourist at best, but his Big Debt Crisis book helped shape the ideas I begun looking at back in 2019 until today. Thankfully Dalio’s writing is straightforward and easy to read and understand. Worth your time.

I’m going to probably link to this YT channel every week. Consistently the best summary & insights I’ve found. In this ep you’ll find thoughts on energy, oil and US equities.


Cafe Amazon, any guesses on how many cups they sell in a quarter? From a broker report “Café Amazon cups sold also increased by 2 million cups q-q to 93 million cups in this quarter. ” So from 3,333 locations, they’re now averaging ~310 cups/day. That’s just incredible business.

  1. „ So from 3,333 locations, they’re now averaging ~310 cups/day. That’s just incredible business.“

    With 310 Cups for let’s say 40-60THB and so around 15.000 THB per Shop they can cover the cost with Staff / Rent/ Bills of an Branch ?? Amazing 😉 Would be interesting what’s the net Profit per Branch / Month . I guess Starbucks want go for that …

    • ChristwaterhousePoopers

      Each branch is supposedly designed to break even at ~200 cups/day and pay back in less than 5 years. Given that Amazon relies heavily on franchising, PTTOR is raking in hyuuge royalty fees (3% of gross sales) as and profiting off of selling supplies to their franchisees.

      Starbucks is another matter entirely. Prices in Thailand are comparable with those abroad, while labor and other costs are surely lower.

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