I’ll start with a question, what is the the largest total addressable market today?

Scroll down to see that rabbit hole….

Disclaimer: I love the military, don’t put me in jail :p

WuFlu and Vaccines

Thailand’s going through another amusing period….right before another long holiday period, right before protests were picking up again….of covid-19 cases. And look, it’s people in the government that it, so they f##ked up again and we have to pay the price. Just like when the army brings in the illegal migrants and collects their fees, just like the police/army who control the “illegal” gambling dens, just like…So instead of my rather colloquial way of writing commentary on the vaccine rollout in Thailand, I’ll just link to this well written op-ed instead.

Source: https://www.bangkokpost.com/opinion/opinion/2093419/short-sighted-thai-vaccine-plans

“The vaccine stage now looks very different, however. Thailand’s health authorities and cabinet ministers in charge made an early bet last year by banking on one procurer by way of Siam Bioscience and one supply in the AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccine, supplemented by China’s Sinovac jabs for a smaller number of people. This one-horse bet is costing Thailand dearly as the country’s vaccine rollout appears comparatively slow and uncertain….

Yet in Thailand priority is being given to economic interests and targeted industries, particularly tourism. The notion of “social and national security” has also been mentioned as the selection basis. If Phuket and Samui can be designated as priority provinces as tourist attractions, why not Pattaya, Rayong, Hua Hin, and Chiang Mai? Every province in Thailand has dubbed itself a tourist attraction because of the government’s official promotion.”

But can you imagine what the Thai market reaction will be if the AstraZeneca vaccine is banned globally?

A positive?!

I love to travel throughout the country, (and frankly we don’t have much of a choice at the moment). I will praise the government’s policy regarding the 50-50 payment. Without this payment program, we would see far more people suffering, ignore the SSS (Sukhumvit Silom Sathorn) area. It’s the rest of the city and country that are using this proactively on a day to day basis since the first round was launched. I see it in every wet market, several local vendors etc etc. IMO it’s been a fantastic success.

However, my fears are:

1) What happens when this is taken away?  Effectively the Thai Government is now financing a significant portion of spending for the majority of Thai adults throughout the country. What happens when this stimulus is taken away? Will it ever been taken away? I’m not sure on how this is going to play out, or I could be cynical and say that the Government is effectively providing payment to MAKRO (CP) and Tesco (Charoen) to profit at the behest of tax payers in Thailand…

2) When will the local tax collector start visiting the vendors and asking for payment (I’ve been told it’s already happening parts of Isaan). None of these vendors pay tax (neither do the 2 aforementioned folks, because everything is corporatised), so what will happen as their wallets shrink as a result of local tax collectors beginning to cause them trouble?

The Chiang Mai/Bangkok Smog

I’m not going to let this one go, I’m going to keep mentioning it.

Finally some reporters are beginning to bring some attention to it, though lets see how long it will last…

Look at the landlords in those areas….around Bangkok and around Chiang Mai…

CP is effectively killing people, you, your family, your children. And the government is doing nothing about it.

Have a look where a Chan-Ocha family member has a house booked (Hint its called Forestias, hint its worth THB 150mn, hint it’s the developed by MQDC, backed by CP Group).

Source 1: https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/special-reports/2087139/holding-those-behind-the-haze-to-account

Source 2: https://thethaiger.com/news/opinion/bangkok-fiddles-whilst-chiang-mai-burns-whos-behind-the-annual-smoke-season

Back to answer the first question….

Space! Its infinite!

Yes yes yes yes, I am being ridiculous but let’s have a bit of fun here.

Which companies are going to benefit from the major nations going more and more into space? I’ve been reading, talking w/ friends for months about this, perhaps it’ll be the usual US army contract winners, Boeing et al.

Which commodities are going to be used to create new stations/cities in space? That’s a lot of steel and aluminium etc etc, ohhhhhhhhhh boy let’s buy some INOX! How high could those prices go? – Literally to the moon!

What food are they going to eat up there? Frozen food from earth flown up? Nahhhh, plant-based lab food! oh my gawwdddd buy NRF!

What impact would going to space have upon global GDP? This impact would be YUGE! All stock markets should boom!

What currency do you think they are going to use in space? The Thai Baht? pfffffffff, Gold? pffff, USD? pfff, Yuan! pfffff. Bitcoin? hahaha!!…wait…YES!

But there will be a child born in space one day that will have to be told about the crazy monkeys inhabiting Earth.

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