BA anticipates it will not return to profit until 2024, though it sees investment opportunities in maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in the EEC for long term growth.

Comment: MRO services are a great money maker at scale. The question is whether Thailand will be considered competitive when compared to Singapore and the Philippines.

DOHOME sees solid 1Q21 on contributions from newly opened branches and higher steel price, sets Bt1.8b capex for 4 new branches and automated stocking.

Finance Ministry does not have any plans to divest from PTT Oil and Retail Business (OR), citing the impressive capital gains in the newly SET-listed firm, says Pantip Sripimol, director-general of the State Enterprise Policy Office (Sepo).

Comment: “we only sell when we lose”

PSH’s 1Q21 presales reached Bt7bn, or 20% of Bt32b FY21 target, confident new campaign this quarter would bring in Bt5.4b.

Comment: I wouldn’t be surprised to see even PSH register decent figures in 2H21. Why? Banks look at a buyers salary slips…6-12 months. By 2H21 it’s already passed the crazy period of 1H20.

RBF expects Bt600m revenue from CBD this year, Bt1,200m next, based on Bt200K/kg market price.

Comment: No, management there would have clearly said that the market price is volatile at the moment, whichever news outlet/reporter wrote this owns the stock.

STGT’s SR3 plant to COD in 2Q21, with 2 more set to COD in 2H21, boosting capacity to 36,000m pieces.

Comment: They are expanding and expanding, zero surprises.

THRE sees steady growth in insurance market, boosted by covid, sets >10% premium growth, mulls 8-10 projects with partners, with >90 contracts, and to expand in Asean.

XO laid out expansion plan in EU and China markets with new products, including hemp-related, sets 10-15% revenue and 20-25% net profit growth target.

Comment: Hemp isn’t going to budge any numbers for them. Growth remains in the core business. But yes they are definitely prepared to expand into Hemp products, and they are already big in the EU.

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