The growth of the renewable sector Thailand has been remarkable to say the least, here are some key facts:

  • The capacity of renewable energy for electricity generation has been rising substantially and is expected to reach a record high of 9,200 megawatts by year-end, according to the Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency.
  • As of May, domestic hydropower plants provided about 3,000 MW, followed by biomass (2,500), solar farms (1,300), biogas (326) and wind farms (225).
  • Mini hydropower plants provide 142 MW, while waste-to-energy plants contribute 75 MW.
  • The capacity to generate power from renewable sources is expected to be limited from next year due to the country’s limited transmission lines. Thailand is expected to have extra capacity of only 800 MW from 2016-18.
  • Under the Renewable Energy Development Plan, Thailand will be able to generate power from renewable sources of 19,600 MW by 2036 when total capacity from all sources is due to rise to 50,000 MW.

Source: Bangkok Post

So who are the key players? Well off the top of my head you have EA, SPCG, GUNKUL, SOLAR, DEMCO, IFEC, TSE, EGCO, RATCH, UAC, TPCH, CKP and several several several several others. Now there’s still at least 10,000 MW worth of new renewable projects to be given out, so this entire sector is going to continue to growing well for the next 20 years now the fun part is to understand which one of the aforementioned names are going to have the capacity necessary to fully capitalise on Thailand’s long term push for renewable energy.

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