AGE to invest in a 9MW biomass power plant, a new line for its business. It is confident the biomass plant will bring in revenues of no less than Bt200mn per year. Coal sales for 2014 are to exceed 3mn tons this year, driven by strong demand from clients abroad. (Khao Hoon, 29/01/14)

Comment: AGE has been suffering for the past few years and this biomass plant won’t have much of an impact on the bottom line.

AIT 2013 best in 20 years — AIT says 2013 performance was its best in 20 years, with revenue of ~Bt6bn supported by more work delivered. It expects 2014 revenue of Bt6.2bn; current backlog is Bt4bn. It is preparing to bid for a Bt10bn project. (Khao Hoon, 29/1/14)

Comment: A wonderful growing dividend payer up until last year when the stock price appreciation wiped out the yield. The other issue is, they’ve recently raised equity (doubled it) in the hopes of pitching for bigger projects, but they didn’t inform shareholders what exactly yet.


AOT expects 2mn travelers to come to Thailand during Chinese new year over 13 days, -0.64% YoY, while airlines request 700 more flights. (Khao Hoon, 29/1/14)

Comment: Friends are saying that immigration queues are nonexistent at the moment


CPF and partners launch “CP Chinese New Year 2014” campaign. It aims at revenue of Bt300mn, +40% YoY. (Khao Hoon, 29/1/14)


Interested in setting up an infrastructure fund in the future. It expects good net profit in 2014 due to the full year of revenues from its 98MW power plant. (Khao Hoon, 29/01/14)

Comment: What a business model, leverage up, build renewable power plants, sell ‘em off to a fund before things go wrong, and pay yourselves massive dividends.


SENA plans to launch eight new projects worth Bt5bn this year. It said it is also preparing new promotional packages and plans to diversify risks in its new business model. Revenues are expected to reach Bt2.5 this year, a 25% increase YoY, with presales rising 23% to Bt2.8bn. (Tun Hoon, 29/01/14)

Comment: Eh…yesterday they said 7 projects


TRC to bid for Bt20-30bn worth of new work this year and expects to win 30% of that. It also said it will book revenue of no less than Bt4.3bn in 2014, supported by current backlog of Bt5bn, of which Bt3bn will be booked this year. It is looking to expand its business in Myanmar, Vietnam and Cambodia. (Khao Hoon, 29/01/14)

Comment: PTT’s best friend

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