24CS: building engineering contractor specialize in electrical, air vent, telco and sanitary system, 24 Con & Supply, debuts 130m shares at Bt 3.4/share, UOB leads.

Comment: Now that’s an IPO!

ASIAN upbeats outlook from accelerated OEM pet food orders as international clients expand house brand products to boost margin, sees tuna & seafood business remained strong, tailwind from THB to boost earnings, maintains Bt11.2b FY sales target

Comment: And they have the IPO cominggggg.

BTS board approved plan to buy 41.09% stake in TNL via PP for Bt2.88b, and to tender for 17.82% worth Bt1.25b, but to reduce stake below 50% post-tender.

Comment: Now that’s odd…..does explain the stock pump. But is this just to get close to the Sahapat group? Can’t see the value add..

FORTH sees positive 3Q earnings momentum from EV chargers installation projects, contribution from Taobin robotic barista vending machines, bidding for additional projects total Bt9.7b by end of year, firms on 10-15% revenue growth target.

HMPRO launches Had-Yai fair, Sept 30 – Oct 9, offering up to 70% discounts, targeting Bt60m sales.

PRINC sees 30% rise in new patients, after a Bt700m investment in >20 medical centers and specialty clinics.

Comment: The name is becoming popular with brokers over the past few months, seen several meetings being held.

SCB board meeting today to discuss rate hike, following that of BBL, KBANK, and BAY.

Comment: “Banks promise not to increase rates” BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHA

WORK reaffirms 2H turnaround from higher revenue from entertainment events, concerts, improved Workpoint dtv chanel supported by larger geographic age viewers after added new contents & revamp airtime slots.

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