A expects revenue growth of 10% this year, supported by a rise in transfers. Backlog is Bt4bn. It expects presales to reach Bt10bn this year. It plans to launch four property development projects with total value of Bt5.35bn in 4Q18. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: Interesting in the Bangkok Post today the firm comments it can sell units at a 10% mark up to foreigners versus thai’s
ADVANC subsidiary AWN paid the Bt6bn first installment for the 1800MHz license. It will receive the license on Sep 24 and provide service on Sep 28. The license will upgrade data service quality and support 5G service. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
BGRIM says the set up of a power plant in Angtong is on schedule and will not affect the target of electricity generation capacity in 2021. It expects electricity generation capacity to reach 2091MW this year. Management is negotiating with a company to enter in Malaysia and the details will be known this year.  (Thun Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: Growth and growth and growth is all on the cards for this player. And unlike a lot of the smaller conventional/renewable energy players
COMAN expects an acquisition deal to complete this year. It has Bt260mn cash that it will use to expand its business. It will book Bt100mn revenue from the sale of MSL shares in October. It expects revenue growth of 20% this year due to high season of tourism. Backlog is Bt30mn and Bt10-20mn of backlog will be booked as revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: All public information for ….. months…
EPG expects 2HFY18 to be better YoY, supported by new orders and THB depreciation. It expects demand for construction material to increase after the election is more certain. (Thun Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: The THB is up YTD, so why do people still comment on THB depreciation?
HTECH expects sales volume and earnings to be a record high thus year. It targets revenue growth of more than 10% this year. It is confident that 2H18 results will be good due to demand growth at home and abroad. It has budgeted Bt42bn to purchase six machines. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
HUMAN plans to do a venture capital deal with three local financial institution to launch a new product. The results are expected to be known in October. It is also working on venture capital deals with three startups, hoping to underpin its business. It is confident that earnings will grow by 20-30% this year. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: Never liked this to see companies that just went public using IPO proceeds to take on the riskiest form of investments. Or is there really nothing else that HUMAN can purchase?
IVL expects to acquire three companies in 3Q18 with a budget of US$800mn. Management says it has no plan to increase capital because it has enough cash at Bt30bn. It expects 3Q18 results to be good, supported by a 20% rise in PET, PTA and paraxylene price. EBITDA is expected to grow by 20% this year. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: More acquisitions!! It just doesn’t stop with IVL…
PPS set up a subsidiary in Vietnam. It expects to be selected to build a department store from a former customer. Management plans to overhaul its construction consulting service by partnering with companies at home and abroad. Many corporates plan to expand their business and this will increase jobs. It targets revenue of Bt400mn, the same as last year. Backlog is Bt332mn and Bt149mn of this will be booked as revenue this year. (Thun Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: This is what is required for a company like PPS, their share price movement basically tracks their EPS, I’m guessing that investors that drove the price up and down didn’t understand the revenue recognition process. 
PRM expects 2H18 results to be good. It has restructured its fleet to use more small ships which increases its average usage rate. 3Q18 results are expected to be outstanding due to booking double revenue from Big Sea fleet. It will propose its three- to five-year business plan to the board today. It expects to budget Bt2-3bn to expand its fleet, boosting revenue growth by 10% each year. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
TFMAMA has entered into a joint venture with ANAN to develop three property projects, hoping the new business will boost its revenue and earnings. (Kao Hoon, 20/9/18)
Comment: Well a vote of confidence in ANAN I suppose. Now I’m wondering why Mitsui chose to not invest in these 3 JV projects? In the end, great for ANAN less capital required and the ability to launch more projects in key locations throughout Bangkok.

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