AAI reaffirms 2H turnaround driven by recovery PET foods order from overseas clients aft excess inventory jitter eased, 1 new client (private label) on board, expects margin widen from lower tuna price, higher utilization rate and tail wind from weak THB.

Comment: So…take the bet before earnings…or wait and see…

CPN sets Bt600m promo budget for year-end campaign, collab with Pokemon for year-end activities.

EA’s firm on 2,000 EV delivery this year, eyes bid for 1,200 BMA’s EV bus after BMA board approve plan to replace current buses with EV buses within 7 years.

Comment: 20, 20, 20, 20, come back down.

ORI reports Bt12,475m presales in 3Q, +7% yoy, boosting 9M23 to Bt36,940m, +26% yoy.

Comment: How they are not yet bankrupt continues to impress me…(or I’m just staring at the balance sheet and going this just doesn’t make any sense)

TMI upbeats 3Q earnings from strong mosquito killer lamps sales on the back of dengue fever spread, expects positive momentum continue 4Q as demand for lighting equipment surge on holiday season.

TTA’s offshore services subsidiary, Mermaid Maritime, wins sub-sea engineering contract valued at US$ 485m.

Comment: See? O&G services are rocking and rolling….and it’s just starting.

SAPPE said strong 3Q to help boost FY23 revenue growth to 30-35% on oversea market expansion and new products.

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