ABICO will return to normal trading on mai on February 9, 2015. (Tun Hoon 9/2/15)

AJP expects revenue of Bt750mn in 2015, a jump from Bt200mn last year. It will operate two renewable energy projects, one of which, a 200MW project, will be a JV. It has no concern on financial position as it just received Bt1.5bn from recapitalization. (Tun Hoon 9/2/15)
Comment: Another company that has somehow become a renewable energy player

Two foreign airlines are looking to start operations at Don Mueang International Airport with a view of capturing the expected recovery of Thai tourism this year after the prolonged political crisis. (The Nation, 7/2/2015)

Big-lot transaction — There was a big-lot transaction of 200mn shares of BMCL for Bt386mn on February 6. CK confirms that this was not its transaction. (Krungthep Turakij, 7/2/15)

BTS budgets Bt20bn to bid for developing Mo Chit complex and is ready to construct the Chao Praya Hotel after sending a representative to the NPARK board. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/15)
Comment: So does BTS see property as the only way forward to utilise their entire cash hoard?

CCP targets revenue to grow 10% to achieve Bt2.9bn this year. It has backlog worth Bt2.1bn, increasing from Bt1.8bn from YE2015. It will increase focus on government projects. It will launch a new precast product. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/2015)

CP Fresh Mart has budget of Bt50mn to set up Chinese new year event in order to increase sales by Bt250mn. It targets sacrificial offering sales of Bt90,000 and targets increasing users per month to over 1 million people. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/15)

DELTA targets a new high net profit in 2015 with plans to expand into the ASEAN market. It says 4Q14 earnings fell as a result of rising expenses. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/15)

IFEC signs agreement to acquire 30% in 33 MW Samdal Wind Farm in South Korea with an investment cost of Bt600mn, expecting a 15-20% IRR. It also signed a letter of intent for a joint venture in Gwideok Wind Power Project with an IRR of 30%. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/15)
Comment: And this machine continues to grow and grow and grow, but still w/o any signs of earnings growth yet!

KKP plans partnership collaboration to access loans and deposits. It aims for 6% lending growth this year. (Prachachart Dhurakij, 9/2/15)

MC plans alliance to expand selling network in PTT gas stations, which will be finalized in 2Q15. It also plans to launch new products and maintains its target to grow revenue and net profit by 20% this year. (Kao Hoon, 9/2/15)
Comment: At what first sounds like a silly idea, it can make sense because if you visit any of the large PTT stations (not in bkk of course, you’ll have to go upcountry), they’ve become community malls of sorts

PTG set target revenue growth of 20% this year supported by integrated energy business and the opening of 30 new service stations in 2015. PT already has 1,200 stations, making it #2 in terms of station numbers. (Prachachart Dhurakij, 9/2/15)
Comment: I still like this firm a lot, some colleagues comment “I’ve never seen a station, or its always empty” Well b/c their station aren’t in BKK and if you go upcountry you’ll see more than enough trucks/pickups using their stations, and on the flip side – doesn’t this just show that how many more potential customers PTG can still acquire?

PTT plans to add seven more NGV stations this year and prepare for the expansion of the stations along the gas pipeline. This will accommodate the Bangkok Mass Transit Authority’s NGV buses. (Khao Hoon, 09/02/15)

Ready to launch new products and will enter the government sector and the northeast. It will set up a distribution center and increase dealers across the country. It is confident in revenue growth of at least 10% this year. (Khao Hoon, 09/02/15)

TCC expects earnings turnaround this year as it expects coal sales will double YoY. It plans to expand its customer base overseas and looks for sales to reach 1mn tons. Also it is studying the renewable energy business and hopes revenue from this new business will help reduce its earnings fluctuation and provide sustainable growth. (Tun Hoon 9/2/15)

Saving THAI — Thai Airways International president Charamporn Jotikasthira is a man on a mission to save the national flag carrier from bankruptcy. After taking over the top job at the airline, Mr Charamporn has vowed to turn around the beleaguered national carrier. He announced plans to reduce costs, for instance, by selling 22 planes, scrapping unprofitable routes, boosting online bookings and offering an early-retirement program to staff. (Bangkok Post, 8/2/15)
Comment: I love turnaround stories in general (having had to execute one myself when I was a younger man), for Thai airways, perfect world picture is Year 1 – Cost cutting, lots of one time hits on the P&L and equity; Year 2 – Operational improvements , Year 3-5 – Normally when you see the results of a turnaround, but then again, this isn’t a perfect world and its Thai Airways, a big bloated state enterprise….

VIBHA targets to increase revenue by 10% this year from 2014, in which it beat its 10% growth target. It will invest in medical supply and plans to open a new facility in Samut Sakorn with 200 beds. (Kao Hoon 9/2/15)

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