ACAP: on verge of trading suspension aft default Bt 1.88b CD, tabloid.

Comment: Well lets see….SET is rather flexible with how they implement rulings…but w/o a doubt ACAP has defaulted and could do down the IFEC route unless they raise capital.

ADVANC’s gearing up for 5G investment in the EEC and applying AIS’s ultra-fast mobile broadband network to key sectors as part of efforts to forge an economic recovery in the wake of the pandemic.

BA: to resume BKK-Phuket & Samui-Phuket routes from July 1.

Comment: Enjoy the islands before the Chinese are back. It’s really a great time to fly around.

DCORP-DLI consortium wins projects from office of the permanent secretary for interior total Bt 301.25m.

FPT: signed Long term lease agreement with Central Watson to develop logistics center in Khon Kaen province to support growth of modern trade business in north eastern region.

LPH: upbeats 2Q earnings support by new mobile health check-up unit, tailwind from higher subsidy from SSO, sees no impact from lockdown as foreign patients only account for 5% of total revenue.

Comment: As mentioned yesterday, one of 2 main domestic plays for hospitals. (RJH/LPH, to an extent CHG/BCH could be considered as well)

SCC: anticipates 2Q turnaround from improves chem spreads and packaging sales, narrow stock loss, expects boost 2H from newly estimate JV home improvement and materials store in Indonesia.

Comment: SCC’s petrochem spreads have been killing them for the past 3-4 years. Change in the cycle?

UREKA: signed 10 year water sales agreements contracts with Provincial Waterworks Authority total Bt 1.04b (Bt 521.22m & Bt 520.34m.)

Comment: Could this lead to a decent performance from the company after years of promise?

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