ACE sees growth momentum this year on new PP both domestic and abroad, Community PP phase 2, 400MW waste PP.

CHAYO sets Bt3b budget to scoop up bad debt, target Bt10b-Bt12b distressed debt under mgt by end of year.

Comment: Yum yum period for these guys.

COM7 upbeats 1Q earnings from strong mobile/IT products sales on the back of shopping tax rebate stimulus, tailwind from online sales & larger retail network yoy, contribution from household segment aft tap in home appliance mkt, firms on 20% FY22 revenue growth target.

Comment: Surprisingly still solid figures. Then again I see receptionists willing to fork out a small fortune for the latest iphone pro…

PTT sets Bt940b 5-year capex, boosting new business to 30% of revenue by 2030 from current 5%, new EV plant to start selling EVs in 2024, will keep operation going in Yadana following the exit of TotalEnergies SE and Chevron

Comment: I only care about the EP arm.

RATCH: Cabinet approved EGAT to invest Bt11.25b to buy new share of RATCH, to maintain its 45% stake in fresh capital increase. RATCH to raise ~Bt25b for liquidity and expansion.

Comment: Now this an interesting development, if anyone has insights do share.

SAWAD sets 16% profit growth target, boosted by new business in electrical appliances HP, which yield 40-50% margin, to list Srisawad Capital (SCAP) in 4Q.

Comment: Ah they are getting into SINGER’s market.

SCBX to tender offer SCB shares at a swap ratio of 1:1 from 2 March to 18 April 2022, after that SCB will be delisted, and SCBX will be listed with the same symbol, i.e. SCB. SCB will pay interim dividend to SCBX and other shareholders of SCB at that time.

Comment: Let’s get ready to see a massive pump when they IPO one of their rubbish sub’s that are “Tech” firms.

SSP reaffirms record high profit 1Q22 from full quarter recognition of 48mw Tra Vinh windfarm phase 1 in Vietnam, additional 48mw (phase 2), target cod FY24, target >20% revenue growth this year.

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