ADD: local fund, BBLAM, raised holding by 1.7053% to 6.5928% on October 29.

BANPU divests 47.5% holding in Spain renewable firm, Sunseap, for US$364m vs initial investment at US$173.7b, announced acquisition in 768mw combined cycle gas-fired power plants in Texas, Temple 1, for US$ 430M.

Comment: Cap gain to be recognised, combined with coal prices and nat gas, it’s going to be great great 1-3 quarters of figures for BANPU.

CPN looks set to spend Bt500m to spur spending on shopping during the NY festive season, expects FY22 traffic to rise 80% after lifting curfew and other curbs.

Comment: Reopening. It’s not done.

LEO expects ATH profits in 3Q & 4Q from strong sea & air freight traffic, cargo feed from exclusive partner with China Post, boosting from e-commerce on holiday season, 1 M&A on December.

PLANB sees current utilization rate of ad space above 40%, expects demand accelerate as corporate roll out marketing campaign to boost sales upcoming holiday season, will wrap up 1 M&A 1H22.

PSH target 4Q transfers at Bt12b, for full year of Bt32b, mulls 7 new projects worth Bt7.5b, adding to existing Bt22b backlog.

Comment: They think the overall market is going to grow by 7% next year. Which would still be -30% lower than before the LTV restrictions by the BOT

SCB, via its securities unit SCB Securities, will acquire 51% stake in Bitkub Online to expand its digital asset biz. Bitkub is operator of digital asset exchange with trading turnover of Bt1.03trnl in 9M21, with 92% market share.

Comment: SCBS is a rubbish organisation that barely made a profit, so SCB loans to SCBS, which acquires Bitkub, suddenly shows a decent profit, list SCBS post the SCBx listing.

THANI eyes Bt6b new loan 4Q21 supported by strong demand for vehicle HP, maintained year end loan book target above Bt50b, target 10% loan growth next year.

Comment: Could be interesting after 3Q #’s are out.

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