ADVANC: refrains from price war, roll out package to add more 5G subscribers, expects mobile sales improve in 3Q from new launch models, higher ARPU in 4Q on holiday season.

Comment: It’s great being in a duopoly

AGE: anticipates firmer coal price in 3Q as demand for substitute grow from high oil price, maintain 4m tons full year sales volume target.

Comment: Could be possible if Europe has it’s normal cold winter (which didn’t occur last year)

BEM: reported Jul daily avg MRT ridership at 410k trips/d, Blue line +15.51% yoy, Purple +44.5% yoy.

Comment: Yeah you WFH believers are all wrong.

TOP: sees 2H turnaround on seasonal demand, absence of stock loss, wider GRM.

Comment: GRMs have doubled in the past 2 months.

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