ADVANC sets Bt30b capex to expand 5G network, to boost customer bases for AIS 5G and AIS Fiber to 2.2m from 1.97m, and to wrap up data centre JV with GULF by end of year.

AGE mulls expand from coal & logistic to hire purchase business, target existing trailer drivers of the company, plans to lend up to Bt250m by eo-FY23

Comment: Why do so many companies here just consider financing as a new business model or expansion option…

DPAINT’s major shareholders sold total of 34m share or 14.78% to various institutional investors last Wednesday to strengthen business alliances, while management structure remained unchanged.

NOBLE plans 2 new projects worth Bt8b, firms on Bt10b transfers target this year, supported by >Bt10b backlog, sees recovery in 4Q.

OR in collab with Sleek EV, a Thai-SG co, in E-bike and EV business.

SIRI purchased 0.4 acres land on Sarasin road at fresh record high of Bt3.9m/sq.wah, mulls develop hi-end projects price >Bt800k sq.m.

Comment: Not sure if this is freehold, but jesus….I remember a decade plus ago when the market was shocked at a thb 100k/sqm price.

TTCL wins EPC contract to build biopolymer manufacturing complex for Nature Works Asia Pac in Nakhon Sawan province total Bt3.4b.

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