ADVANC dodges Bt13.5b claims from CAT, lodged since 2018, after Arbitration Committee resolved to dismiss the case.

AGE targets 4mt FY21 coal sales volume, sees healthy demand from China, 1mt backlog to realize 1H, will cod 5th coal storage shed mid-Jan to expand output, will realize full contribution from 5mw Lopburi solar this year, seeks to add more vessels & warehouse to expand bulk freight business.

Comment: As a trader they’ll benefit from the continued increase in coal prices.

ESSO expects turnaround profit this year from higher non-oil revenue after launching Coffee Journey café at retail stations, sets Bt1.2b capex to add 30-40 stations, will roll out promo to boost sales of premium grade fuels to reap wider margins.

GULF paid Bt1.2b for 70.5% stake in GMIM Spore, as a base to expand solar and windfarms in Vietnam, as well as LNG to Power.

Comment: Monopolies do well in Thailand to build capital and invest outside the country.

KOOL: major holders, Thaveechat Jurangkool, cuts holding by 1.1032% to 4.3028% of total outstanding on Wednesday (Jan13).

MICRO targets FY21 commercial HP port +30% yoy to Bt4b, plans to add 4 branches this year from current 12 to expand network upcountry, seeks to expand used commercial vehicles to up margins, aims to curb full year NPL below 4%.

NNCL sees solid turnaround from full year recognition if 29.99% holding in 185mw NNEGpp in Pathumthani IE, water sales to Provincial Waterwork Authority, improved recurring income & lower SG&A yoy.

PF sets Bt9b revenue from JV projects, including Bt4b from property and Bt5b from rubber glove JVs.

PTG sets Bt4.5b investment capex, adding 150 gas petrol stations, hoping to boost oil sales by 8-10% and market share from 14.2% to 17-18%.

Comment: The PTTOR IPO is going to help price PTG.

PTTOR sets IPO price range at Bt16-18, offering 2.61b share with an over allotment option of <390m share. Sub period for PTT shareholders is Jan 25-28, small sub is Jan 24 – Feb 2 and Funds Feb 3-5.

PTTOR may be fast-tracked into SET50, given its expected market cap of Bt200-270b, at the expense of either COM7 or TTW, while either TKN, BEC, MAJOR, WHAUP may be bumped out of SET100, Tabloid.

Comment: Could this explain why local institutions are lightening up their books?

SGP raises holding in Lihn Gas Cylinder Co, by 27.87% to 97.56%.

SPCG: GULF cuts holding by 0.0359% to 9.9761% of total outstanding last Friday (Jan8).

Comment: Minimal impact.

SFT targets 20% revenue growth this year supported by strong demand for shrink films & sleeve labels from F&B clients, machines upgrades to completed by end of 2Q.

TNH: VIBHA raised holding by 0.0222% to 10.0111% of total outstanding on Wednesday (Jan13).

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