ADVANC’s written to the NBTC to express opposition to the planned merger of its rivals TRUE and DTAC, according to a source at the regulator.

Comment: The letter probably said this “we don’t want to be the #2 player, it hurts our ego”

AMATA’s board approved land investment in Laos, will start develop industrial estate early 3Q, current backlog Bt4.982b to realize this year, firms on 10% land sales growth target.

AOT’s duty free operator, King Power, inked deal Luis Vuitton to open flagship store in SIA.

Comment: Zero impact on AOT.

ICN reports Bt402m worth of new projects signed YTD, expects to secure Bt300m smart city projects in April, lifts backlog >Bt1.8b, mulls bidding network infra in May, target Bt3b new projects signed by end of year.

Comment: Questionable management/shareholders, but its been a play on government projects.

MAKRO sees recovery in hotel and restaurant segment, sets Bt11b capex for expansion another 35 branches at home, India and Cambodia, launches wholesale B2B online store, MAKNET, to improve inventory mgt, reduce warehouse space problem, shorten supply chain from End to End Solution supported by 1k partners joining platform.

Comment: I’m not entirely certain how any company is going to improve inventory management, especially in retail, during the current environment unless they are going to reduce the # items on the shelves.

TNP will add 6 supermarkets branches this year from current 36 outlets in Chiangmai, Chiangrai, Payao.

Comment: I’m continually impressed by their execution.

TOP sees strong 1Q on high GRM, to book >Bt11b from sale of GPSC in 2Q, to sell 239m share rights in 3Q for long term financial restructuring and bridge loans repayment for Bt30b CAP projects in Indonesia.

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