ADVANC to trade Bt3.30 XD on Wed 20Government says it needs time to consider whether delaying bidding on 5G

Comment: It would be ridiculous if the government approves a postponement of payment for the 4G license bidding. Except for TRUE (which is a financial basket case), DTAC and ADVANC make plenty of CF.


AOT: The Anti-Corruption Organization of Thailand (ACT) has warned of the potential for foul play during the upcoming auction of Suvarnabhumi Airport’s duty-free concession and the planned construction of a Terminal 2. AOT may seek Board approval for the ToR of duty-free concession bidding this Wed.

Comment: Well AOT has been corrupt since day 1, in fact tell me which massive government related project isn’t.


BEAUTY allots Bt85m to upgrade warehouse, IT & distribution network, aims to increase revenue from abroad to 30% this year, firms on 20% revenue growth target.


FSMART sets 10% revenue growth target this year, targeting 5,000 new top-up machines.

Comment: Changing times are hurting their growth.


LHBANK’s teaming up with CPALL to launch a deposit service for the bank at its 7-11 stores in mid-year.

Comment: Hmmmmmmm, it’s very simply the power of a network.


MTC target 35% loan growth FY19, will add 600 new outlets to 3,900 branches by end of year, target NPLs within 1.2-1.3%. will sell Bt4b CD to curb costs.


SEAFCO to realize Bt3.2b backlog this year, will bid for foundation work from public & private projects worth Bt20b, reaffirms another record high profit this year.

Comment: And they’ll continue to win projects. Best player in a fragmented space.


SMPC sets 15-20% revenue growth target this year, target 10m pressure containers production, to serve rising demand in cooking gas.


TPCH’s 4 solar projects combined 49mw on track to cod in 4Q, lifts total to 109mw from 60mw, expects to win 23mw waste pp PPA upcoming announcement in March.

Comment: The only question for TPCH is when will they win more PPA’s


VIBHA will expand its investments overseas by focusing on Asean countries, including Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos, by holding at least a 25% in local hospitals.

Comment: A basket case of corporate strategy and shareholding structures. If they could clean it up it would be worth far more.

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