ADVANC upbeats earning outlook from improved ARPU on eased competition, higher revenue from sim sales on surging tourists arrival, maintain mid-single digit revenue growth target, broadband M&A with TTTB expected to complete by end of 1Q.

Comment: And voila…we have 3 players now (yeah yeah I know it’s only 2 NT doesn’t count, but on paper…) and it’s time to start charging us users more.

AOT sees summer flights slot via 6 airports under management, +300-400% yoy, expects improved non-aero revenue after Covid remedy package for tenants expire at end of Mar.

CHASE sets 15% revenue growth target this year, Bt1b capex for bad debts acquisition.

Comment: Oh? Yes? So they’ll actually show up to some auctions for the first time in 24 months? So this isn’t just a bs company that wasn’t put together for an IPO? Let’s see, happy to be proven wrong.

ECL sees solid growth in 1Q23 post-covid, shopping stimulus and recovering tourism, boosting demand for loans, sets Bt10b loan port within 2 years, 4.5% NPL.

PCC wins substation upgrade & maintain project from Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) valued at Bt191m.

PTG sets Bt1.5-2b capex for jv with non-list finance company to offer lending outlet at 3,000 of its service stations, CODs in 2H.

Comment: Urghhhhhhh c’mon PTG, another loan shark business model (albeit “legal”), is this really all that Thai businessmen can think about expanding into?

S sets 34% revenue growth target to Bt17b, Bt6-7b capex for real estate, hotel and IE.

SITHAI expects positive 1Q momentum continue from recovery demand for bottle & packaging on improved domestic consumption & recovery tourism, overseas sales from Vietnam & India, wider margins from lower raw material as plastic beads price drop, tailwind from eased THB, targets full year revenue high revenue >Bt10b.

TKN sets 15% revenue growth target, with double digit net profit growth, mulls revising plan to open Taokaenoi Land, an important landmark to attract Chinese tourists.

Comment: That’s it, I’m going to create a company that services Indian tourists…none of these thai plc’s get it.

TPOLY wins construction contract from BKK Hospital Sanamchan worth Bt125m.

WHA mulls revising land sale target around mid-year, from current 1,750rais, on strong 1Q.

Comment: Yes it will be revised higher, it’s going to be a good few years for WHA.

XO sets 10% revenue growth target, with 40% GPM, mulls revising up selling price by 8-12%, sees sales recovery in 2H, after sluggish 1H.

Comment: Still hold this company in high regard, but comps were difficult in 2022, likely to remain difficult until 4Q23.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding TKN, chinese vs. indian tourists:

    1.) i guess it’s somewhat natural, there are more chinese-thais than indans-thais, esoecially in the really big bueinsses.

    2.) i think a company catering to the indians would be successful. they are now more than the chinese are (plus chinese have a falling population now) and – i think – as a whole india is on a more upwards leading path than china now.

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