ADVANC: reported inbound roamer +38% yoy during Songkran fest (Apr 12-15) thanks to surged international arrivals during long holidays; whereas, broadband data usage +15.78% yoy.

Comment: GULF could create their own internal Hedge fund to trade off all the data that they can see from ADVANC + THCOM + all the power projects..

BAM: cod 50:50 distressed assets management jv with Government Savings Bank today, will transfer Bt70b NPL from GSB to the management at 1st phase.

Comment: This news appears to be incorrect….but ok, let’s assume its BAM, the company, and not the management of BAM that is receiving the THB 70 bn NPL

MINT: signed hotel agreement with The Cavaleros Group to debut South Africa’s first NH collection, NH Sandton, financial district of South Africa’s largest city.

Comment: Their hotel business is rocking n rolling – their food business…is DED

SUPER: reported disposal of 20mw power plant for Bt1.13b.

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