ADVANC sees positive 3Q momentum from higher ARPU as deep discount package already expired since end of-May, higher market share on FBB supported by WFH demand.

Comment: Still curious to see the 5G story play out. If anyone has a decent paper out there on 5G please send it across, specifically the beneficiaries.

NPLs expect to pile up once SME debt moratorium measures end in September, BBL has an upper hand on asset quality, Tabloid.

Comment: Rumours have it that the BOT said no NPLs until the end of September, the date of which the current head, Veerathai steps down. It’s further rumoured that banks will be told not to show NPLs until 2022, what’s the next head of the BOT going to do with this inherited mess? 

PRM raised revenue growth target this year to 15% from 10-12% previous forecast, as oversupply in oil boosted demand for Floating Storage Units (FSU).

Comment: Still kicking myself for not following this closer given how much I like the tanker space this year.

SEAFCO reports 3 new foundation week projects awarded in Jun total Bt800m including Central Rama 2 renovation, Central Embassy extension and Chulabhorn Royal Academy office.

Comment: And they still keep winning projects 

TACC adds organic farming tea and healthy topping menu to capture health conscious consumers, revamp package & container size to accommodate delivery service, seeks to expand café business to balance out revenue mix from highly leverage on 7-11.

Comment: What’s taking the juice players so long to compete with OSP and CBG? 

TTCL: KSAM cuts holding by 0.0616% to 4.9579% of total outstanding on Monday.

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