NBTC may drag ADVANC’s proposal to buy 3BB till end of year, after setting up sub-committee and planning hearing, Tabloid.

Comment: Why? Someone else needs to be paid off?

BM sets Bt1.6b record rev t/g this year, +20% yoy, on solid 1Q, with Bt500-600m backlog to be realized, in talks with large potential Chinese client to build metal cabinets for solar farm.

ASP’s CEO, Dr. Kongkiat Opaswongkarn, said the SET should remove DELTA from SET50, due to low free float and can be used to manipulate market direction. Shareholders to vote par split proposal at meeting today.

Comment: It has already been used as such…though to the management of DELTA’s credit their earnings genuinely have doubled in 2022.

EPG sees rising demand for coffee cups and other food containers during Songkran, opens 1st TJM store to boost Aeroklas business, eyes total 5 stores this year.

GULF sets 50% rev growth t/g this year, adds 3,000MW capacity, Bt120b 5-yr capex.

IMH in collab with PRTR to offer health check package + Total HR Solution, targeting factories in industrial estates.

Comment: PRTR is a big dog in this space, for now the focus is on HUMAN…give PRTR a few quarters of figures and then market participants will have to comp to 2 properly.

NWR eyes Bt30b new pjs bidding, focusing on high margin, expects Bt14b new pjs to boost backlog from Bt30b current, 40% of which will be realized this year.

ORI reported Bt12b presales in 1Q, +47% yoy, plans 11 new projects worth Bt12.5b in 2Q.

Comment: More evidence of the larger propco’s just taking the market from the smaller players that have disappeared.

SCB raised deposit rates by 30bps, and loan rates by 25bps from April 6.

Comment: Would be amusing if SCB were to experience a bank deposit run….

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