ADVANC to launch fixed broadband service early next year. It targets 300,000 customers in the first phase and expects to invest Bt4.6bn. It also said that over the past two years it has invested Bt80bn in its 3G network and it expects to reach 20,000 3G base stations by the end of this year, covering 97% of the country’s population. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)

CPF: Food processing plant in Minburi 2 to focus on Halal food. It aims to make this plant a base for export of Halal food to the Middle East, Asia and Europe. The plant can produce up to 1,450 tons of chicken and 500 tons of duck each month. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)

CSS shares expected to run today on news of it coming out from the cash balance trading requirement and CSS-W1 to start trading today. Management said 3Q14 earnings were good supported by a high number of orders. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)

Shareholders okay PP — DNA’s shareholders have given their approval to the private placement of 500mn capital increase shares at a price of Bt0.20. It expects to use the proceeds of more than Bt1bn to acquire new businesses, with 2-3 deals expected to be completed within 4Q14 and another one at the beginning of next year. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)
Comment: PP at THB 0.20, while the share price is at THB 3.40, makes perfect sense doesn’t it?

FORTH expects 2014 set-top box sales of 1.5-2mn with more than 300,000 boxes already reserved. The company targets market share of 10% and revenue of Bt5bn. (Thun Hoon, 20/10/14)
Comment: FORTH’s real value is in FSMART, just have a look at the IM.

GEL expects revenue of Bt2bn or +20% YoY in 2014. It will pay dividend after eliminating accumulated loss in 3Q14. The company targets revenue of Bt2.5-3bn in 2015 and plans to increase production capacity to 1mn sq.m. p.a. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)
Comment: A turnaround situation here, although its acquisition of MILL is interesting to say the least.

MILL expects 2015 revenue to reach Bt15-16bn, supported from its new investment in a steel plant in Myanmar, plus its investment in TSSI. It expects both investments to lift total annual capacity to 1.35mn tons. It expects a high EBITDA of Bt1.2-1.3bn. (Kao Hoon, 20/10/14)
Comment: All over the news nowadays, apparently the land value in TSSI makes the investment worthwhile, plus having a Myanmar link is always good in the news.

MJD: 3Q14 good upon condo transfer. It will book extra profit of Bt300mn and expects 2014 revenue growth of at least 10% YoY as it has backlog of more than Bt11bn. (Thun Hoon, 20/10/14)

Samart seeking TOT deal — SET-listed Samart Corporation has proposed to TOT Plc that it be the sole investor in the latter’s third-generation (3G) mobile network in exchange for the right to operate high-speed wireless broadband on behalf of the state telecom. The proposal by the communications equipment firm was made after TOT opened the door to any private telecom to do business together. (Bangkok Post, 20/10/14)
Comment: SAMART has played itself well this year, with SIM selling phones left right and center (albeit at a slower pace), new power plant projects in Cambodia, and a new contract with AOT, no wonder the rumours of it hitting THB 40 continue to get louder and louder

SPA, a leading spa service company, plans to list on the SET as the first spa service company and has appointed four security firms as underwriters. The company will sell 170mn IPO shares at Bt1.7/share and subscription will be held on October 20-22. (Thun Hoon, 20/10/14)

TPIPL ups capacity at Saraburi power plant – TPI Polene Plc (TPIPL), Thailand’s third-largest cement maker, plans to spend Bt3bn to double the capacity of its waste-to-energy power plant in Saraburi to 120MW. (Bangkok Post, 20/10/14)
Comment: Despite its negative history, TPIPL still is one of the largest cement firms/petro players in Thailand today.

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