AEONTS sees lower LLP from improving assets quality, sees card spending pick-up from online shopping.

CKP sees solid 3Q, the strongest this year, as higher water volume boosts output and profit.

FSMART upbeats 2H outlook from 3 new launch products selling via top-up machines including insurance policies in cooperation w TQM, mini-ATM service, allowing withdraw up to Bt2k/transaction, and tailwind from F&B vending machines.

Comment: It’s up to management to figure out how to utilise their network more efficiently.

NYT expects future earnings to be more predictable after branch out from Roll-on Roll-off pier to cargo warehouse rental business to mitigate risk from weak traffic from sluggish auto exports.

Comment: Should there be continued strength in the recovery of auto exports – this is the name to look at.

PTG denies cash call rumor, maintaining Bt3.5b FY20 capex plan, will expand LPG retail stations and add LPG to existing gasoline stations from current 198 to 230 branches, aiming to boost auto LPG market share to 3rd from current 5th (10.6%), target 1,900 stations nationwide from current 1,866 by end of year.

Comment: This cash call rumour caught us by surprise, because it makes zero sense.

TSR adds ice maker to product line up, sees value additions to existing water purifier business, target malls, hotels, restaurants & convenience stores.

Comment: And management and the company is buying back shares.

Reminder: SCC trade XB pre-emptive rights for IPO subscription of SCGP 7.095:1 on Thursday (Sept10).

SCM: Successmore Being, personal care, health supplements and household products direct seller, debut IPO 150m shares at Bt1.9 apiece, MAY-KE leads.

Comment: IPO fever is back!

SPALI sees strong 2H on plan to transfer 3-4 condo projects worth Bt13.8b, boosting this year revenue to Bt24b, while keeping presales at Bt26b.

XO raises revenue growth target this year to 15% from 10% in earlier forecast on higher demand as a result of WFM trend.

Comment: They seem to have carved out a decent niche for themselves.

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