AGE to buy 55 new transport trucks, hoping to boost revenue from logistic to Bt600-700m from Bt300m last year.

Comment: Main story here is increasing coal prices and the inventory boost.

AOT signs MOU with TAFA consortium to expand perishable goods cargo business at SIA.

ATP30 mulls switching to EV van & EV bus for its shuttle operating biz to save earning costs, will start to replace some of fleets from 2Q, target 20% CAGR over next 5 years.

CENTEL’s pushing CENTARA brand to become top 100 hotel brand in the world in 5 years, plans to open 8 hotels and resorts in 7 countries this year, including Centara Reserve in Samui and Vietnam this April.

Comment: And their competition is dead. Their share price is now higher than pre-covid

CHOW’s confident to wrap up sale of 9 solar pjs (64.21MW) in Japan worth Bt4,114m will be completed by end of 1Q21 with immediate recognition.

DOHOME sees YTD SSSG +2% yoy, stores that went for temp shutdown now fully opened since February 1, firms on plan to add 4 outlets this year.

ICHI & SAPPE planning to expand market share in vitamin water, sees opportunity from enhanced water segment.
Comment: But the news is focused on cannabis products for them.

PTG in talk with potential partner who has license to produce cannabis F&B, hoping to diversify and expand product lines.

Comment: Wahahaha, and it’s great that there is a relative in government.

SUSCO sees 1Q fuel sales volume recovery from school reopen, improving econ activities after Covid restriction ease from February 1, sets Bt550m budget to add new stations and revamp existing stations to boost non-oil revenue.

Comment: Boom great for them, PTG and the upcoming PTTOR.

Market chatters has it that founder and major shareholder of TKN, Peeradechapan family, is in talk to sell 32% entire stake to US snack producer at Bt14 each, leaving only 26.09% under Peeradechapan Holding, before being delisted, Tabloid.

Comment: This rumour has been peculating in the market for a year.

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