AGE upbeats 3Q earnings from recovery coal sales vol & improved selling price, keeps 4m tons FY sales volume target, allots Bt110m to upgrade logistic & IT, credit cost expects to improve aft TRIS upgrade rating to BBB- from BB+ in June.

Comment: They are still going to $hit cash due to the high coal prices. Just not as much as they used to last year

AOT: SAS will resume flights from Copenhagen to BKK during hemisphere winter timetable from Oct 30 to end of March 24.

CGD seeks bond holders approval to postpone maturity of 2 tranches of CD for another 1 year, requests holders for instalment repayment on principal, SEC urges bondholders to exercise rights on an upcoming meeting on Aug 23.

Comment: Woahohohohohoho, another one bites the dust, ahhh, another one bites the dust, hey hey.

NOBLE revealed plan to launch 6 residential project total Bt17.9b in 2H, will bk extra gains from disposal of 2 project to PROUD in 3Q, pays interim Bt0.081, XD Aug 41.

PTT’s subsidiary, on-ion, signed partnership contract with SC to install EV charger at SC residential project, target 400 units installed by end of year.

RS cuts FY revenue target to Bt4.4b from Bt5.5b prior due to restructuring of commerce business, expects 2H turnaround from media, event, entertainment and ad on high season.

Comment: What’s the next pivot for RS going to be?

UAC forms venture with SCG to invest in Refuse-derived fuel production plant (RDF3) in Indonesia.

  1. peter satrapa-binder

    regarding CDG, and also STARK recently: it seem to me that there are quite a lot much more secure investment options than buying thai companies’ CDs or bonds: playing the lottery, for example… 🙂

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