AGE sees upside to earnings after logged Bt121m in 1Q +193% yoy, reaffirms higher coal sales volume yoy on higher industrial activities, tailwind from logistic business boost earnings.

Comment: Commodities, boom, they’re benefiting from the inventory gain.

BCH kicks-off bookbuild on Moderna vaccine upcoming Wednesday, will finalize demand in 1 week, sees positive 2Q earnings momentum from 4-7k Covid tests/day qtd, plus contribution from new added 900 beds & 3.3k rooms hospitels network.

Comment: And its off to the races!

DOHOME aims to boost house brand products sales to 20% of total revenue mixed to boost margins, will add 3 branches by end of year.

LEO anticipates big jump FY21 from larger e-commerce traffic from logistic partners, higher freight rates from sea, air, land.

GULF upbeats FY21 earnings from additional installed capacity 1.5k MW, boost from INTUCH dividend income.

Comment: Using free money to buy a dividend income stream.

GUNKUL firms on 20% revenue growth target from Bt8.5b EPC solar backlog, contribution from alternative energy domestic & oversea portfolio, more projects to come in 2H.

PTG eyes 10-15% EBITDA growth target this year from higher Oil & Gas sales volume yoy, strong presence from 2nd place market share, contribution from non-oil business.

Comment: They’ll have margin issues w/ the higher oil prices.

SIRI acquires 15% stake in XSpring Capital, 403.4m shares at Bt4.1 apiece, total Bt1.65b, to diversify to fin and brokerage services.

Comment: Until this transaction I thought Xpsring capital has some genuine future, now it just smells fishy.

  1. X Spring. I beg to differ. They have brought in a Siri man, as well as the CEO of the Export Development Bank. If it a scam, then it is a heavy duty one. Before writing it off, wait until there are NR’s about tokenizing real property. This team is way ahead of the game, as compared with that other small (100 mill) new De-Fi fund in the news yesterday. Just saying. for transparency, I hold stock in this company and have been some selling today.

    • I don’t say the business is a scam. But the movements of the share price, plus the game plan used to expand capital in such a manner is a playbook that’s been well used in this market by those that are urghhh. The business may end up being solid (i.e. sansiri is a real business) but the share price is a different story.

      Though I hope to be proven wrong 🙂

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