AGE upbeats 2Q earnings from strong coal sales volume & selling price, tailwind from agricultural commodity transport & bulk logistic, mull revise up full year revenue target from current Bt16b.

Comment: Well newcastle prices are up….4x in 12 months

BYD to issue 31.32% new share, offering as PP at Bt7.062, raising fund for transport business.

Comment: Just sounds dodgy…

CPF invests Bt3b in Meat Zero, a plant-based producer, hoping to become #1 in Asia and top 3 global brand in 3 years, with Bt6b revenue target.

Comment: So, if that’s the target for Meat Zero, what can NRF hope to achieve? I still hope that plant-based industry accelerates to the point where it is actually healthy and not the chemical rubbish that they are touting as healthy and delicious.

EA plans to hold talks with mu Space and Advanced Technology, a local satellite and space tech firm, to sound out the possibility of forming a partnership to participate in the auction of satellite orbital slots, according to a telecom source.

Comment: “plans to hold talks.” Well ok, I suppose that EA can go from solar/wind to EV cars to satellites. And still survive the evidence of dodgy accounting that is presented by the ex-wife on facebook.

EE has harvested 1st hemp plantation in April, with rev recognition in 2Q, keeps Bt250m profit target this year.

Comment: A cassava/bioethanol player that has expanded into hemp plantation and where the second largest shareholder sold 10% to..?

IRPC sees recovery in 2Q on rising petrochem demand, sets Bt25b EBITDA target in 3 years and Bt35b in 2030, sets Bt20b capex this year, mostly in UCF, to be completed in 2024.

S anticipates record high revenue this year >Bt13.4b, supported by recovery from hospitality operation in UK, Maldive & TH, improved OCC at commercial property & office building 70% of Bt2.6b backlog from upscale condo & hi-end SDH to recognize this year, mulls selling Singha Complex, Metropolis & Sun Tower commercial area total Bt4b to SPRIME.

TFG expects windfall from Malaysia chicken exports curb for 1 month from June 1 total 3.6m chickens, maintaining 15% FY22 revenue growth target

Comment: Unsuccessfully traded this one, in every other country in the region the margins of the chicken & pork players have been squeezed by the increases in raw mats but in TH, nope, this is all passed onto consumers, especially the “value added products”

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