AH sets up subsidiary, Able EV, to expand auto dealership business for Changan.

AOT upbeats 1Q24 earning (Oct-Dec23) from passenger traffic thru airports on seasonal, higher capacity yoy after cod-ed SAT-1 on September, higher OCC for commercial area, upside from rent hike.

Comment: Having just been to the airport and going upcountry, it still appears to be buzzing.

BBL maintain 3-5% FY loan growth target, mulls reducing provision in 4Q, over following phrase, expects 4Q NPL flat from 3% @ end of 3Q.

M sees 15-20% SSSG in 4Q driven by improved dine-in traffic on seasonal, campaigns launched to boost sales, firms on 15% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: Now that’s just fantastic figures, granted 4Q22 would still be a low base (remember covid?), the question is, how are GPMs?

MCA: strategic planning & integrated marketing solution, Market Connection Asia, debuts IPO 60m shares at Bt3.3 apiece, FNS, GBX, AEC & KTB joint leads.

Comment: Another flop of an IPO, these names are performing like they used to i.e. usual story was small name, small float => great pump.

PSL secured US$105m sustainability-linked loan from International Finance Corp, EXIM Bank & Credit Agricole to finance acquisition of up to 6 dry bulk carriers.

Comment: Expansion! With a sustainability loan? I mean….I love the management of PSL but this “sustainability-linked” is a bit silly…

RPH sees OCC IPD flat qoq at 80%, expand online marketing & agencies to boost revenue from international patients, maintain 10-20% FY revenue growth target.

Comment: Just visited them, and I must say I was blown away by the quality of the hospital and management.

  1. PSL, like most other bulk carriers operators, following the UN backed Green sustainability initiative, have to announce sustainability-linked loans from their lending banks. In the case of the International Finance Corp, EXIM Bank & Credit Agricole they would require that the loan is announced as a sustainability loan. The International community is concerned that the bulk carriers are environmentally friendly at all stages of operation and future disposal.

    • Yes. That is the requirement based upon the UN/IMO regulations. Plus in order to be considered “investable” by the major institutions, companies such as PSL have to adjust accordingly, on paper and in practise.

      Btw did email you last week.

  2. peter satrapa-binder

    @ MCA: i guess the overall market sentiment is not very favourable to any IPO right now.

    @ RPH management: are they that good? and the hospital facilities too?

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