AH sees better 2H frm higher auto-parts sales and consolidation of SGAH, boosting overall rev grwth to >10% t/g.
Comment: That story is over and played out, the global automotive industry is struggling.

BBL said its plan to cut deposit rates won’t hurt performance, firms on 3-4% loan grwth this yr, trades Bt2 XD Sept 4.
Comment: NIMs declining, NII declining, good bye banks.

BJCHI t/g winning 30% of Bt19b worth of pjs it plans to bid, to book 30% of Bt4b backlog this yr, boosting rev grwth to 20-30% and returning to profitability.

Court asks state-owned enterprise, TOT, to pay Bt201m +7.5% interest pa interconnection charges to DTAC, verdict is yet final TOT has right to appeal.
Comment: Let’s see how long this takes..

ICHI m/t 12% FY19 sales grwth t/g, in talk prtr to distribute beverage in China, expts to wrap up deal in 4Q.
Comment: A slightly impressive turnaround by ICHI so far.

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