AH maintains 30% FY revenue growth target supported by strong EV parts orders, sees bright outlook next year on Ford plans to designate TH as EV production hub in SEA.

Comment: I always find this news related to EV’s from the auto manufacturers amusing because the management themselves will say that this isn’t true volume growth from them as its more of a replacement of the ICE production.

CHAYO in talk to buy bad debt from finance institution, expects to wrap up by end of September, will finalize distressed assets management venture with institution partner by end of year.

Comment: They have to move quickly to find a financial institution as a partner otherwise they risk being squeezed out of the market.

IP’s planning to list drug & health supplements store unit, Lab Pharmacy, on MAI next year, will use proceed to expand branches & downstream channel to support healthcare & life sciences venture with PTT’s startup unit, Innobic LL Holding.

Comment: Could be an interesting company given the moves that they have been making recently.

PTG upbeat 2H outlook from strong contribution of non-oil business, expects Pan Thai café revenue double in 2H from Bt480m 1H22, adding more branches from current 500 outlets, target 5k branches within 5 years.

Comment: Should oil drop further, and combined with the non-oil business expansion, then that’s a obvious time to buy this name. But I’m still of the viewpoint oil stays high so their margins are going to be squeezed.

PTTEP and Chevron have submitted bids for G1/65, G2/35 and G3/65 fields in the Gulf of Thailand under production sharing contracts, result expected in Feb 23.

Comment: Would expect the companies to be awarded these projects.

SNNP’s firm on Bt5b record high revenue this year, on 50% growth in VN sales, with strong growth in hemp-based products and rebranding of Jele chewy jelly.

Comment: Means that they have a great distributor partner in VN. I doubt that there is much to talk about for the hemp-based products for the time being.

Excise Department to propose incentives for EV battery plant, both tax and cash subsidy, to EV board on September 22, benefiting the like of EA, GPSC and BANPU, Tabloid.

Comment: Looks like the government is really trying their best to make sure that Thailand jumps on the EV train. And this is a necessity just to make thailand remain competitive within the region.

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