AH expects to register another record high revenue this year above Bt32b, +15% yoy driven by new parts orders for global market models from auto makers, backlog from existing clients, OEM sales & EV chassis assembly for 2 models for Vinfast, improve operation from subsidiary in Portugal, in talk BYD to secure EV parts orders.

Comment: They’ve had a fun work on the rumours that Isuzu was potentially fully leaving Thailand to Indonesia which saw the share price decline tremendously before fully recovering. At the end of the day they are part of the auto manufacturing industrial complex in Thailand and the organic growth seen is them taking market share and a small amount of total volume growth.

DELTA acquires German automotive high-voltage hybrid components manufacturer, TB&C, for EUR 142m, to enhance EV battery management system (BMS) & EV powertrain solutions, synergy from R&D & manufacturing facility in German, Mexico & Romania.

Comment: So is this why the stock price magically pumped?

DEMCO to diversify into digital tech business and continue to grow its renewable energy port, sets Bt150m capex to expand rooftop power business, targeting 40MW power gen capacity by 2025 from 10MW currently.

Comment: Well….why not.

HTC upbeats 2H earnings from larger soft drinks production capacity HoH after cod-ed new PET bottling plant in Surathani, expects positive sales momentum carry thru end of year on improved tourism and holiday season, firms on 6-8% full year revenue growth target.

Comment: The market has realised that this company is the monopoly distribution play on soft drinks throughout Southern Thailand.

KSL’s firm on 20% revenue growth target, on rising sugar price, sees higher selling price next year, mulls low GI sugar product launch, and revises capacity to 2K tones next year.

Comment: Every other sugar player in the region and country are rocking, but KSL isn’t.

RML’s firm on higher revenue yoy, to launch OCC, grade A+ luxury office, in 3Q, and 3 others worth Bt18b in 2H, targeting Bt6.7b presales this year.

SCB teams up Korean-based Kakaobank Corp to apply for Thai virtual bank license, Kakaobank is expected to hold at least 20% of venture.

Comment: Why would, oh whatever, its SCB I can’t be bothered anymore.

VIBHA reaffirms solid 2Q from improved OPD-IPD traffic, higher revenue per patient, tailwind from SSO patients and Bt100m extra gains from disposal of Mahesak hospital.

Comment: If it wasn’t for all the funny cross-shareholdings and corporate actions taking by this group over the past decade you’d see the share price far higher.

WINMED sees solid growth in 2H on new med products, boosting revenue growth this year to 30% on growing healthy trend.

  1. Agreed about that comment on DEMCO. They excluded foreign investors from receiving warrants w7 even if they reside in Thailand, those guys are so short sighted and greedy they don’t even realize how that is making them look!

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