AI mulls bidding for Bt2b electrical porcelain insulators this year, sees yoy growth despite some delays in new projects, due to covid.

BR: local fund, BBLAM, cuts holding by 4.4617% to 3.0694% of total outstanding Wednesday (January 5).

Comment: Think they’re reducing it too early, soft commodities still going to the moon.

CRD signs MEP contract (Mechanicla/Electrical/Plumbing) for Atlanta Medicare total Bt322m.

ITEL secures Bt106m telco infra for 2022 OSP Frame Contract.

TRUBB sets 20% revenue growth target this year on higher demand and exports, as continued surge in covid cases worldwide boosted demand for latex concentrates and rubber gloves.

PSL expects FY22 freight rate remained high on demand for coal shipment, materials for infra expansion, higher economic activities yoy on reopens, maintaining fleet size this year at 36 vessels.

Comment: The shipping industry is going to have a fantastic 3-4 years. It’s not just covid impacting the industry, its the environmental regulations recently implemented on the industry that is going to harm the supply side.

TTCL wins EGCO Co-gen SPP replacement projects total Bt2.25b.

Comment: A turnaround play?

VIBHA reported Covid IPD beds filled, adding 400-500 beds thru hospitels, reaffirms big jump 1Q from booster jab, RT-PCR, treatments.

YGG: BTS cuts holding by 0.3246% to 4.787% of total outstanding on Tuesday (January 4).

Comment: Whaaat? But the “synergies!”

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