AIT targets 2017 revenue of Bt5bn. Its backlog is Bt3.4bn and it expects to recognize Bt3bn this year. It plans to take part in upcoming bids. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/17)
Comment: Since it raised capital 3-4 years ago the company hasn’t had the ability to perform yet. 
AMA expects 2017 revenue growth of 50% from its sea freight and air freight business after it expanded its fleets. It recently got a project from PTG that will lead it to add 70 trucks for transporting oil products. It is studying the logistics business. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/17)
ASIAN targets 2017 revenue of Bt10bn or 10% growth on the back of active marketing and doing R&D. It expects this to bring large orders. It expects an uptrend in frozen food in this year, and growth in shrimp exports. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
BAY targets 2017 auto loan growth of 4% to reach Bt140bn brought by a recovering auto sector. It expects new car sales of 800,000 this year. It targets growth of 10% in its total portfolio to Bt300bn. It is confident It can keep NPLs under 2%. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
BBL began accepting applications yesterday for its international fintech accelerator program, “Bangkok Bank InnoHub”, in partnership with a company called Nest. It expects this program to act as a springboard to expand globally. It expects this to align with the “Thailand 4.0” policy. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
Comment: I just find it incredible that banks are expanding into fintech, risk averse management teams looking for companies that are incredibly risky in nature.
BTS expects to benefit from opening Samrong Station on April 3, 2017. It expects this to increase its average ridership by 20,000/trips/day. It expects strong growth in the Green Line (Mo chit-Saphan Mai-Khu Kot. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
CENTEL expects 2017 revenue to be close to last year’s Bt4.4bn. It expects occupancy rate to stay at 82%. It plans to increase room rate by 3-4%. It is budgeting Bt3-4bn to invest and renovate hotels as well as expansion of its food business. It is interested in buying KFC outlets from franchiser Yum . (Kao Hoon, 17/0 3/17)
ECF expects 2017 core business to grow 10%. It targets revenue from AEC to comprise 10%. It plans to become a holding company with a focus on three main businesses: furniture, power, and retail. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/17)

FER working with with Chinese partner (Linyang Microgrid) to invest in power business and innovative products. It plans to launch EV Charger for EV Car in SEA in 2017. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
FPI expects 2017 net profit to be a record high with 10% revenue growth aided by Bt900mn backlog. It expects 7.5MW biomass power plant to contribute revenue in 2Q17. It is budgeting Bt60mn to acquire four painting robots, which will triple its capacity. (Kao Hoon, 17/03/17)
IRPC expects 1H17 performance to be good. It expects refinery capacity to reach 183KBD after its plant started operations in April. It is budgeting Bt11bn to increase capacity of UHV and polypropylene. (Thun Hoon,17/03/17)
KSL reported 1QFY17 net profit of Bt453mn, up 27% brought by 8.1% growth from ethanol sales and 14.6% growth from selling electricity. It expects to book an extra gain of Bt124.37mn.
 (Kao Hoon, 17/03/17)
Comment: Quite a few things coming for this coming, IPO of Mudman where they hold 9%, an IPO of a subsidiary and maybe more developments with the power
PLAT targets 2017 revenue of Bt2bn from 2016’s Bt1.8bn. It expects 2017 net profit to mark a record high from 2016’s Bt704mn. Behind this is higher revenue from increasing number of rooms from 283 to 288 for Novotel Platinum Pratunam and renewal of contracts for leasable area at Platinum Fashion Mall. (Bangkok Today, 17/03/17)
PTT expects an outstanding performance in 2017 without the need to make provisions and better margin from gas separation plant on lower cost. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
SAPPE expects 1H17 performance to be good backed by large demand. It targets 2017 revenue to grow 10% from more clients and a weaker baht. (Thun Hoon, 17/03/17)
TRT expects 2017 revenue growth of 25-30% from 2016. Of revenue, 68% comes from the transformer group with 32% from other sales. It expects a gross margin of 20-22%. (IQ Biz, 16/03/17)
  1. I agree with your comment on BBL. It reflects one viewpoint that very big [and even central] banks are now buying risky equities. This may fuel a dramatic bubble in stocks as in Japan in the 80s. Ride the wave but selling point will be critical.

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